Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The only time my education was interrupted was when I was in school.

So if anybody out there has any faith left and checks to see if I have come out of hiding and written, here it is! This is the comeback of all blogs, the Rocky Balboa if you will. Ok maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m really back writing on here. I would list all the excuses for not writing but for a number of reason I’m not. First nobody wants to hear (or read) excuses for anything, all the excuses I could think of for a months time would fill two pages, I’d probably get bored and stop writing and that defeats the whole purpose, and lastly because I have no written objection too! So on tat note, welcome back friends.

A little catching up here and sorry if I cover anything old, I have no idea what I wrote in my last post. Since I’ve last written I got a roommate and had him move away. It was pretty fun having somebody my age live in my man cave (basement) with me. Even though I saw him more at work than I did back at the house it was still fun. I also finished up a month long job in Leesburg with was incredibly hard but surprisingly fun. I bought my big TV I wanted, a sexy 42” fat screen and my cool ass ex roommate bought a DVD player with surround sound. So basically its pretty cool living down here now, which brings me to a new observation, I am living the complete bachelor cliché. I’m eating three day old take out, drinking my big gulp, and crouched over my laptop in a dark messy room. If that doesn’t scream sad and lonely I don’t know what else does. I’m not saying I’m sad and lonely I'm actually quite the opposite it but ya I’m starting to confuse myself so I'm stopping.

On a different note, I'm coming up on working a full year at my job. Most of you don’t know what that is or what I do so let me explain a little. I work for an electronic security company. We are mainly an automatic gate company but we also work a lot in access control and security cameras. This may sound more like a skilled trade more than just a job you pick up and it is. All three of those fields are very complex and job specific (what purpose you re using it for). Besides all that it is also a very physical demanding job. A 20’ steel gate is a lot heavier than it looks. And how do you think cameras and gates get their power when they are 100’ away from any building? They are run underground which can mean a lot of digging. Poring concrete and cutting asphalt are another of my favorites but I think your starting to get the point. That point being it’s a tough job physically and intellectually. So not knowing how to do anything in this field how am I still here? Funny I ask myself the same question. Especially since in the year I’ve been four people, all with more experience have been let go. Its also weird because this is the longest I’ve ever worked for one place consistently. It sort of makes reality set in that I’m really out of school and into he real world. With all that said though I must say its been one hell of a year. I still have all of my fingers, barely. I’ve made some great friends. I’ve learned a ton about my field and myself. If you asked me a little over a year ago if I could work a 15 hour day in the heat digging all day, I would say HELL NO! But I’ve done that now, multiple times, and I still love this job. So I might not be bringing inn 100k a year with my fancy car and college degree, but I do well and I love what I do and the people I do it with (although I’ve never actually “done” it with any of them).

Sorry for my little venting session there but I had to let it out. Nobody really understands what it is what I do or what I do it. Everybody tells me to go back to school and get my degree. Well I say “Nah, ye nah sayers! I will not. Sorry I thought of the line in Role Models where the kid talks like that. To me I am in shool, I'm learning new things everyday. Except this school pays me, and I only learn the things relevant to what we do. They don’t take me off a work site to learn what type of sonnet Bache wrote in the 1800’s or the difference between plant and animal cells. If anybody were to ever ask me the difference between the two I would probably just punch them in the face and continue on whatever it was I was doing. I'm not trying to be closed minded about this I'm open to learning about all sorts of things, but I don’t want to waste precious time and money learning about stuff irrelevant to what I was investing my time and money in. Want to know why I'm only halfway through my sophomore year in college? Too bad I'm gonna tell you anyway. I'm one full semesters worth of work from an associates of science, basically the associate version of a degree in business management. The classes I have left? Life science, physical science, lab, music or some other “fine arts”, calculus, and statistics. You catching the drift? The classes I did take and pass; business law, business communication, micro economics, macro economics, managerial accounting, financial accounting, and a bunch of other dumb “required”. I tried getting my degree, even went out n extra semester but I just couldn’t do it. I learned what I went in to learn and was done. I wouldn’t mind finishing and eventually getting a degree in something if I ever change my career path but I think I got I need for a while that any school is gonna teach me. The last thing I'm going to say is loosely what my English 2010 professor once. He told us he wasn’t there to teach us but to educate us, because nobody can teach us but ourselves. He went on a little more in depth but I wasn’t paying attention and you get the idea.

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  1. I am so happy you're writing again! :) I am so glad you've found a job that makes you happy! much love always