Monday, August 16, 2010

Well ain't that something

Well I have no reason for writing this except for the fact I'm extremely bored. I'm at my sisters house "watching" her kids. They are 16, 13, and 10. Not really ages that need to be watched but still need somebody to drive them places. So I'm not doing anything until tomorrow when they need rides. So until then I will continue to waste time on facebook, watch TV, and write this nonsense.
I think what inspired me to write is the character from my show is a writer and it keeps inspiring me to write, but I just end up watching more of the show instead. Actually now that I think about it the main character is a writer in two shows i watch. During the show I get so inspired to write and get so many ideas that when the shows over I watch more episodes until its too late and go to bed. So I guess my desire to f=do nothing is greater than my desire to do something constructive and creative. So now I write meaningless blabber about how I should do something instead of actually doing it. I don't consider writing a blog, at least this blog, to be creative or constructive. At best this could be considered a lesser of evils of wastes of time. So all in all I consider this a pretty good medium.
Now that I've successfully wasted 2 good paragraphs on absolutely nothing I think its time I come up with a good topic to practice my creative writing side. I really wish I had some sort of idea or topic before I started this, it wold have made this whole thing a lot easier. Although nothing in life really is easy, or fair. Plain and simple life really is just a bitch. Its like that mean old lady across the street who nobody wants to talk to but you have to anyway because she has no family or friends so your forced to go, and all she does is bitch and moan. Its like a living version of menopause, not a person on it, just all the symptoms and side effects given a personification, and thats what life is. I don't even think any of that makes sense, even Im a little confused but what i just said, but its too late its written down so it cant be changed. A few of my favorite sayings about life are "lifes never fair", thank you dad for reminding me daily for 16 years of my life. "Nothing in life worth having is easy" I dont know who said this but you are a dick, but you are also correct. "You want something done right you gotta do it yourself" doesn't seem as relevant as the other but thank you for putting that line into lyrics Fred Durst. "Lifes a bitch, so die for her" Lil Wayne is right, i mean she's going to kill us all in the end anyway. But why is it that life is always given such a bad reputation. In her defense I am going to counter attack my own argument. "When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?" " Well put Sydney J. Harris. I couldn't have said it better myself, which is why I didn't and stole yours. So life can be challenging at times but its not always that bad. Besides, isnt it the challenge that makes the things in life so rewarding?
Now that Im extremely confused and not to mention (even thought I just did) tired Im calling it a night. After that hunk of mess about life I don't think I'm capable of putting two words that can make any reasonable sense right now. So goodnight cruel world, im going to sleep.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

For better or for worse

Well it’s a Sunday night before my parents come back in town and this is the best thing I can think of to do. I’ve already gotten bored of video games, TV, pointless websites, and meaningless texts with friends. So I sat my lazy ass down (I saw this because I did contemplate working out) and decided to write a blog. Not really for the intention of writing a blog but so I don’t go completely insane. So here it is, an update on my less than ordinary life. Contrary to earlier blogs I am not going back to school, some unanticipated events took places that are hindering my (inadmissible) return to Snow College.

Upon speaking with advisors after my last semester there, when they told me since colleges here in Virginia have the acceptable accreditation that I could transfer credits back to finish my degree, somewhere between there and now they decided to enlighten me to the fact I can’t. In actuality I can transfer my credits, just not the grades accompanying them. And since my dumbass decided to let Neurological Disorders and alcohol keep me from graduation in the first place I have a number of classes left to take in order to finish. On top of that my grade point average is below the substantial grade point average minimum of a whopping 2.0 so I can’t afford to take classes and not raise my GPA.

After three semesters, two summers, and one full time job I realized it was time to go back. I was finally going to grow up and finish what I had started. I decided that I would get loans to pay for school and my parents would help out with living expenses (which I would pay back of course) and I would go in and out as quickly and quietly as possible (much like an extraction mission or term in prison). I was finally mentally and emotionally ready to go back and kick this associate’s ass when my parents sat me down. They told me it was unwise to get into debt and that they weren’t going to help, and wait another year when I would be eligible to receive financial aid. What the fuck is that bullshit! They know how much I hate that school, much less school in general, and how hard it would be to leave my job. It took me that long to decide to go back to school and now you say I shouldn’t go?!
I understand their reasoning, the fact that school or not I’m not doing whit with my life and they don’t want to be 10k down because of it. But still I mean at least let me get myself in debt and spend the rest of my adult life paying it off just like everybody else. It’s ok thought because I probably won’t go back to school and will have somebody to blame for being middle aged, bald, and making 40,000 a year for the rest of my life. Although the aging is inevitable, I will be able to hold the other two over their heads till they reach the point where neither will be able to remember what I’m talking about because “Alzheimer's disease may be passed from parents to children in some people scientists said after finding carriers of a faulty gene are two to three times more likely to have memory problems.” (Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor)

Now that I have entirely digressed from going to school to blaming my parents for balding and memory loss for absolutely no reason I’ll change the subject. Not really a change to a continuation from before my mindless ramblings. What am I going to do now that I’m home for another year? Obviously I will continue working at the job I once loved. Probably continue to live at home because I will live in a financial rut of making a low income and not saving my money. I will probably decide not to go back to school because even if I do achieve the great accomplishment of getting a two year degree I won’t continue on to receive a bachelors. So I guess coming full circle it’s a good thing they kept me from returning? Hmmm………..