Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Its in your hands now

Here I am again, writing with no agenda except trying to fulfill my duty and write somewhat frequently. I feel that my posts starting in 2011 haven’t necessarily been anything to brag about but have been somewhat structured and organized with far less random tangents about nothing. So in other words I think it’s getting better. Now all I need is something worth writing about and this will finally be something worth writing in!
It’s the end of March which means spring time baby! I’ve realized that this is my last spring/summer that I will really have before I’m really into the real world and won’t have the luxury of goofing off and doing whatever I want. I’ve saved of almost enough money for the following school year and won’t really have to work extra hard to earn enough. In theory I could make more than enough and save some for the next year but we all know that isn’t very likely. I’m going to have to count on summer jobs and financial aid for that second year, but anyway I digress (much like I said I have done better about not doing). So with that in mind I want to make the most of this and do things I won’t necessarily be able to do as freely after school. My plan is to do everything involving exercise and the outdoors. That means getting back into BMX; which I’ve started by fixing my bike last Sunday and riding a little bit every day since (a whole 3 days). I want to go boating a lot, kayaking, canoeing, and jet skiing; even though that really isn’t exercise I still want to do it. I want to go camping, fishing, shoot guns, and basically live a rednecks dream! Recently the only thing I’ve done recently is come home from work, go to the gym, and then plop my lazy ass on my couch and play my PS3 until I go to bed. Although I still want to continue the gym these last few months of freedom I don’t want to be confining myself to my room when I can be out making the most of what I have doing things I really love.
Another thought I had was making this blog more visitor friendly. When I originally started I said that this blog was for and didn’t give a shit about what anybody else thought about it. Although I still don’t really care what people think of it I do want people to enjoy coming on here. I even did a little research of some popular blogs and came up with two major categories then split into different sections within the two categories. There are the informational and there are user submitted. Informational can be anywhere from a” Do It Yourself”/”How To” to Perez giving you all the latest celeb gossip with his incredibly gay opinions. The user submissions I found were things like FML, Fail blog, and Lamebook (all funny sites that I do recommend) and would like to move towards that area. I don’t necessarily want to try and get the entire world following and submitting but maybe just write a comment to a funny picture weekly or something that the (few) people reading this can write about or send in to at least kill 5 minutes of their day that they didn’t feel was totally wasted. I also don’t want that to be the sole purpose of this and keep me from having to actually do anything to maintain this but just to make it a little bit more exciting. Even if it’s that something you do when you are waiting for a date and are nervously waiting for him to show up and have already looked at all your friends profiles on facebook (twice) and watched way too many stupif but funny videos on youtube and STILL have time to kill. I would like to keep this blog going since I feel it is productive, I just don’t want to continue to write stupid meaningless posts about absolutely nothing. SO as a reader your first assignment is to respond to this with ideas or feedback. Ready, set, GO!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book report

So upon my glorious return to writing I went back and read a handful of my old posts. As I read through them I noticed a number of things. 1. I can’t type for shit; at least five words a paragraph were either misspelled, missing letters or just missing words all together. 2. I have no train of thought; I went from idea to idea without the slightest bit of transition. 3. I was seriously F’ed up in the head. I mean it happens when you’re on a lot of medications I guess but still! So I decided that since I still don’t really and any set topics I want to cover, I want to at least work on fixing those immediate problems. Although I don’t think writing can fix and neurological problems I could probably work on the first two.
So to try and get some practice I’m going to do a quick and dirty book report. I take that back, I want to write an epiphany I had on modern novels, and that is that books these days are dirty! I know the general media has been advertising with sex a lot the past 1 or 2 decades but I thought it was just for TV, movies, magazines, and more visual public display. I guess the fact that I never read let me become so naive. The last two books I’ve read have both been on the National Bestsellers list and came as quite a shock to me. The first involved a murder at a lesbian vacation retreat and the suspects were all in some sort of weird love dodecahedron (I’m talking way past the love triangle here). The second book was another murder mystery (yes I am noticing a trend too) and started off rather slow. As I read on it slowly got more interesting and intertwined, and then it took some sort of weird kinky turn and couldn’t go two pages without somebody having sex, getting raped, or just some flat our freaky shit!
Being such a popular book my Dad has asked to read the second book I mentioned once I am through reading it, and I’m not quite sure if I feel comfortable letting him. Everybody always claims the book is better than the movie but I always thought it was because they left out too many details, not because they took out all the sex scenes! And seriously who uses the word “Fuck” in books? I guess since I stopped reading books in middle school and then picked it back up again as an “adult” (I use this term loosely) that it was a pretty dramatic change, but I honestly thought that books were rather clean. It only makes sense thought, when a new movie comes out and it looks really good and then I notice its PG-13 I get pretty disappointed .It’s because I know they had to take out the gore and sex and cussing to be able to get a younger crowd. But books don’t have a viewer’s guide discretion and can write whatever the hell they want, and they know what people want! Its like going from watching ABC family to HBO, you gotta pay for HBO because its drugs sex and rock n’ roll baby!
Now I realized if that were an actual book report and had to turn it in I would fail horribly. Lucky for me I pick the topic and grade it myself. My writing style isn’t quite up to a literary standard but if I can go through a page on one broad topic and keep it one that one subject and actually make some sense out of it I think im on the right track! Not only that but I haven’t had nearly as many grammatical errors come up on spell check as usual and haven’t had so many red lines under words that I felt was on what some people would refer to as a roll. Sadly that is all I could muster up for one night but I’ve been trying to think of a subject for two nights now and this was what I got so hopefully next time I get a better topic and can write something more useful or exciting then this piece of shit.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

“People always find it easier to be a result of the past rather than a cause of the future

Oh man, where to begin! After much persistence from a friend to return I have once again joined the world of blogging. I have not written since December 18 so I’m well past due. So first a little update on what has happened since then. Obviously Christmas and New Year’s, nothing too exciting there except seeing family and such. Don’t get me wrong I love family but seeing them isn’t too out of the ordinary. Although my good friend came home for a few weeks and was so good to reunite with her before she had to go back to playing super woman and saving 3rd world countries. Valentines came and passed without any special someone, again nothing unusual there. But one thing was my sister living in San Diego came for a week with her new baby whom I hadn’t met before. But like I said from day one this isn’t going to be one of those blogs that blabs on about all the cute babies and family members and boring things that happen all the time, so as much as I love my sister and baby niece that’s all your getting on here!
All that leads me to my next point, which is; what is the point? For a while this was sort of a self-therapy and way of letting out feelings I wouldn’t ordinarily expressed and change bad habits by pointing out what needed changings. To some degree it has worked, which is to say, I don’t feel the need to get online and vent which is partially why I haven’t written in so long. I do want to make posts regularly so I need to come up with something to write about or else it’s going to be once every few months and only when I finally have enough built up frustration that I need to let it out. I haven’t written because I’m no longer upset with the world and am finally accomplishing the goals I have set for myself. In November I had said that I wasn’t reaching the goals I made for myself which was partially why I was so upset all the time. But like I said I would in the article, I worked harder to step up and stop letting myself fail, for example I have saved up enough money to cover a semester and a half of school and should be able to earn the rest this summer as long as I keep up the progress. I made a goal for myself back in November that on March 15 I wanted to be back in the best shape I had ever been. Although I had a few slow period I pushed myself hard physically and can honestly say that I am in (or damn near) the best shape of my life. See I told you that it worked!
But this still doesn’t solve my problem because it worked so well I no longer have problems in need of fixing. Ok obviously that’s a load of shit, but not ones significant enough that I need to express on here. I don’t and will not resort to the cliché weekly update but I do want more structure then what I had originally planned, nothing. So hopefully I continue to write these next few days and weeks and can come up with something, or a few ideas I can cycle through to make exciting and fun enough to actually be worth reading. But until then you’re stuck with this lousy excuse of an exciting article so for that I apologize.