Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.

So once again I come on again randomly to express some new thought and ideas that have been bubbling up inside this head of mine for quite some time now. I realize its been a few months since I last wrote but understand that I do have a life. However boring and pointless my life is, is irrelevant, because its that same life that keeps me from entertaining your life. So without further ado let me jump right in.
In my last few “episodes” if you will, the most common theme was work and my room. For most of you that was probably a really boring theme I had going on. So to bring up something new, I’ve decided to go back to school! Again, maybe this isn’t the most exciting topic, especially since most of you are around the time of graduating yourself, so it doesn’t seem like anything of importance. Well to me it is. I’ve been out of school for a year and a half and have been with Autogate for close to 14 months. I’ve always heard its hard to go back to school once you leave, and its true. Especially when you didn’t even like it in the first place and you find something you love to replace it. I realized that although I love my job and everything about it I can’t do it forever. I thought about it for a while, and realized that if I left that job or line of work I have to fall back. I have no other skills that could land me anything better than an entry level position. My resume would be somewhat scattered between lifeguard, HR management intern, and electrician, with partial school in business. All good things, but wouldn’t get me much, especially since everything on it would be non sequitur. So I figured now was the time before I got to comfortable and would never go back. But I have a few changes I would make the second time around.
I forgot to mention that not only am I returning to school but that I am also returning to the notorious Snow College. Was this my choice? Yes. Is that my desire? No. While I was there last time dickin around drinking my life away and having depression I didn’t get a whole lot done. In my last two semesters I failed a fair amount of important classes. The reason I have to return is because I cannot make up those credits at a different school. And since I need all of those as my only remaining credits it looks like I’m shit out of luck. However like I said I have a new approach or “survival guide”. Let me break this down into two parts. Things I want to do and things I don’t. Lets start with the not.

• Make friends (I’m only there for one semester not two years, I need to cut the cord)
• Get in trouble (Having already been to jail and having two different holds on my record for two different things, I’m going to try to not fuck up)
• Go to church (I’ll finally have a 7th day of the week
• Drink in the middle of the day (Didn’t work so well for me last time)
• Go to school events (Our college teams are a joke and not worth going too, and college dances really?!?)
• Put up with annoying roommates (Kindness doesn’t get the dishes done)


• Go to class (More of a need too, than want)
• Do Homework (Something I didn’t try last time)
• Get in shape (Got a nice track and gym free for use, might as well use it)
• Call a complete stranger a fag for something he’s either doing or wearing (Pretty self explanatory right?)
• Tell one of the football players he isn’t the shit for being on the team (Especially if he’s on the bench!)
• Convince a person in one of my classes I’m mentally challenged (Maybe laugh every time the professor says a certain word frequently that’s related to that subject.)
• Meet, friend, and hook up with a girl on all false information about myself (Wedding crashers?)
So that’s about it, but I think short and simple is what I need. Im not bringing a TV or video games or any distractions. I want this experience to be like prison; I just want to go in do my time and get out. I wanna keep off the radar and not become somebody’s bitch. I don’t really have much else to say about going back to school or about anything else. So on that note I’m done.

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  1. please put on your DO list "go to orem to visit ash" AHHHHH im jumping up and down! i luff yoU!!!! xoxo