Saturday, July 3, 2010

Short and Sweet

So contrary to my belief, people do actually read this. Thank you Ashley for possibly being the only person that reads my blog. It is nice to know that my friends actually do care about me and check up on things like this about me, and that this thing actually isn’t for nothing. I can’t base this blogs worth on mere numbers of views however, because that isn’t the point. Like I said from day one, this is about me baby! As much fun as it is writing complete nonsense on here it actually has a purpose. This purpose being I like to write, this gives me an excuse to write in a totally bias free environment and is considerably less nerd like than writing about scientific research. There we have it, I like to write. Now the whole world knows it, or at least has access to knowing it. I like this because it gives me practice each and every day to improve my writing skills.
Now one might come and ask me “Jeff Newman, why do you even need to practice your writing skills? You only need it for writing essays in school,” And my response will be, “shut up fag!”. Although my reply has no credible answer to the somewhat reasonable question, I actually do have one. Aside from going back to school I will be able to use writing in my professional career. To go into more detail I could write a column for a newspaper or magazine, write business letters to customers or fellow employees, I could become a senator and have an affair and communicate only through emails so that there will be evidence when I get caught suckin face with a 17 year old hooker in the Bahamas. There are many different scenarios where good writing skills can come in handy.
Im sorry this is getting cut short but it’s a Friday night and yes I actually do have a life, peace bitches

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