Sunday, January 13, 2013

That awkward moment when....

It’s been a little over a year since my last entry so I figure it’s been long enough and should probably write again because I hear if I don’t use it I’ll lose it. I don’t think that was about my blog but whatever I’ll just apply it to this and ignore its actual meaning because that’s a whole different story…. But I digress. I would like to start writing fairly frequently again just because I don’t ever write anymore and actually kind of miss it. Don’t get your hopes up though because I’ve made that statement before and look what happened. So let’s see, what has happened in the last 13 months? Not a whole lot would be pretty sufficient but I’ll do better than that. Since I stopped I had just finished my first semester in my electrical automation program. I am now starting my 4th and final semester and am looking anxiously towards graduation. After I finished my second semester I returned home to Virginia where I spent the summer living at home and working. Unless you count fishing and work exciting I didn’t really do a whole lot but sure was nice to be back. Unless you’ve lived in Utah, it’s hard to really understand how different it is out here so it’s always nice when I’m able to get back to what seems like “reality”. So now I’ve set my sights on moving back to Virginia when I finish up here and get a late start on the rest of my life. Also since I last wrote I’ve picked up a new hobby (although some say an obsession) with fitness and nutrition. I got a gym membership and actually used it unlike all the other gym memberships I had before. So when I got back out to school and saw the apartment fitness center that I used last year, I realized that it would not be sufficient for my new physical needs. I sucked up the cost of a gym membership, which is a lot to a broke college student, and have been going diligently for the better part of 5 months. I cannot express how much I enjoy going to the gym, it has totally changed, and taken over my life. I’ve always wanted to be bigger and stronger but never really wanted to work for it. Now its all I want to do. When I get to class all I can think about is going to the gym as soon as class lets out. After the gym all I can think about is a better way to improve the workouts I’ve done and to research better and more effective workouts and nutrition. It’s almost like the gym is my major and I just happen to go to college in my spare time. But unlike school I can see progress from my time spent in the gym and I absolutely love it. I’m not giving up on my school and the career I plan to go into but I feel like my health and fitness will always take precedents over that and would like to also turn it into a career. I‘ve been studying this stuff so much and love how it’s changed me, I would like to share what I’ve learned to help other change. Maybe do a little personal training on nights and weekends (after being certified of course) or just help friends that would like a change for the better in their life. Enough about that though, I feel like people get bored when I talk about that stuff (probably because it’s all I talk about now) so I’ll kind of change paths and just share an interesting story that happened over this past break when I was home. My first weekend back home over winter break I went out with my best friend to some bars out in Clarendon. The night itself was fairly uneventful and was mostly spent standing around making fun of all the weirdo’s that were staggering around as the effects of alcohol were starting to take over. What made them stand out were their very pronounced hipster outfits. I’m talking full on colored skinny jeans, plaid shirts, uncomfortable mustaches, glasses, beanie, and probably a weird fascination with Portland. Anyway, at the end of the night wound down, closing time finally came and I waited around as the lights came on and my friend went to close out his tab. At this point I was just leaning on a table by myself watching people leave when I felt a hand cup my right but check and give a very noticeable squeeze. My immediate thoughts were ok Nick got his tab and I ready to leave, but when I looked up Nick was just emerging from the mass of people around the bar and laughing hysterically. So my next instinct was to look around for a culprit. I looked around the only person within a 10 foot radius was one of the hipster guys. A little suspicious and maybe a bit perplexed, I looked at him with a questioning look on my face and boldly asked him “Did you just grab my ass?!” He replied, with his blank facial expression unchanged, “I may have”. Touché my friend! At that point I was more surprised at his reply then I was upset that he had just molested my ass. A few more words were exchanged and then he wandered off sea of people leaving. I don’t remember the last few words we said because I was still in shock of this guy not only grabbing but admitting to grabbing my ass. I don’t know why these sort of things happen to me but I seem to constantly find myself in these sort of awkward scenarios that always end up lose-lose for me. Guess that’s just part of life

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