Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book report

So upon my glorious return to writing I went back and read a handful of my old posts. As I read through them I noticed a number of things. 1. I can’t type for shit; at least five words a paragraph were either misspelled, missing letters or just missing words all together. 2. I have no train of thought; I went from idea to idea without the slightest bit of transition. 3. I was seriously F’ed up in the head. I mean it happens when you’re on a lot of medications I guess but still! So I decided that since I still don’t really and any set topics I want to cover, I want to at least work on fixing those immediate problems. Although I don’t think writing can fix and neurological problems I could probably work on the first two.
So to try and get some practice I’m going to do a quick and dirty book report. I take that back, I want to write an epiphany I had on modern novels, and that is that books these days are dirty! I know the general media has been advertising with sex a lot the past 1 or 2 decades but I thought it was just for TV, movies, magazines, and more visual public display. I guess the fact that I never read let me become so naive. The last two books I’ve read have both been on the National Bestsellers list and came as quite a shock to me. The first involved a murder at a lesbian vacation retreat and the suspects were all in some sort of weird love dodecahedron (I’m talking way past the love triangle here). The second book was another murder mystery (yes I am noticing a trend too) and started off rather slow. As I read on it slowly got more interesting and intertwined, and then it took some sort of weird kinky turn and couldn’t go two pages without somebody having sex, getting raped, or just some flat our freaky shit!
Being such a popular book my Dad has asked to read the second book I mentioned once I am through reading it, and I’m not quite sure if I feel comfortable letting him. Everybody always claims the book is better than the movie but I always thought it was because they left out too many details, not because they took out all the sex scenes! And seriously who uses the word “Fuck” in books? I guess since I stopped reading books in middle school and then picked it back up again as an “adult” (I use this term loosely) that it was a pretty dramatic change, but I honestly thought that books were rather clean. It only makes sense thought, when a new movie comes out and it looks really good and then I notice its PG-13 I get pretty disappointed .It’s because I know they had to take out the gore and sex and cussing to be able to get a younger crowd. But books don’t have a viewer’s guide discretion and can write whatever the hell they want, and they know what people want! Its like going from watching ABC family to HBO, you gotta pay for HBO because its drugs sex and rock n’ roll baby!
Now I realized if that were an actual book report and had to turn it in I would fail horribly. Lucky for me I pick the topic and grade it myself. My writing style isn’t quite up to a literary standard but if I can go through a page on one broad topic and keep it one that one subject and actually make some sense out of it I think im on the right track! Not only that but I haven’t had nearly as many grammatical errors come up on spell check as usual and haven’t had so many red lines under words that I felt was on what some people would refer to as a roll. Sadly that is all I could muster up for one night but I’ve been trying to think of a subject for two nights now and this was what I got so hopefully next time I get a better topic and can write something more useful or exciting then this piece of shit.

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