Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Newest Idea

Well I haven't quite found anything to update my blog about but its been a busy week. I had a total of five tests in the past 3 days and two of which were midterms. I would say I was busy because I had my nose in books all week but that would be a complete lie. I actually did less studying then I normally do since there wasnt any homework to be turned in. So in reality I guess I had the time to find something but just worried about my tests instead of studying. Ok you caught me I wasnt even worried about the tests. I did absolutely nothing this week and could have worked on some new ideas. In all of my nothingness I may have actually found some ideas.
Saturday I went to a hole in the wall El Salvidorian restuarant and walked around Provo checkin out pawn shops, which got me thinknig about just finding a bunch of unknown places in town and checking them out. Maybe find different obscure restuarants to cool shops in town. Provo/Orem are great for this because they are filled with stores all throughout town. It wouldn;t be so much a review as it would just documenting my exerience. The other idea I had was to go with my friends Samantha Sands and Ashley Shippen when they go to take pictures. They always seem to have such beautiful pictures of places I haven't seen around here. To understand what I mean check out their blogs Ashely and Sam. Both are amazing photographers and would be fun to spend more time with them. While I would leave the photography to them it would be cool to explore all of Utahs hidden beauty with them and write about the places we find. Since you two are my main readers anyway let me know what you think

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  1. me and ash read this together and we 100% agree. you are coming with me next time. and we decided that you are hanging out with us on saturday. and you can't say no. so yeah :)