Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've got nothing to say that you want to hear

Well for once I’ve started writing and already have some things on mind so I don’t have to bullshit through a few paragraphs to get to my point. So before I start off on something irrelevant let me begin. For those of you who have followed and actually care, I have almost gotten my downstairs dwelling almost completed. The painting is completed, I’ve received (and constructed) my IKEA furniture, and all that’s left is to put things away where I want them to be. The only thing I’ll have left to do after that is buy a sweet TV and PS3 so I’ll have something to do down here, and find somebody to come over and spend time with. Nothing screams loser more than coming home, playing Madden, and watching a movie by yourself; although living in your parent’s basement kinda already says that. But it allows me to save up my money (theoretically) so I can make it out into the world one day.

This next paragraph is going to be a bunch or totally random and unrelated statements; for starters today is my half birthday. Next I think I fractured my toe last night kicking it against a piece of new furniture in my room. My finger that I nearly sliced off is aching and I’m not sure why, probably has something to do with basketball and stitches holding my tendon together and crazy weather changes….. That’s about it I really thought I had more things to say, guess not. Although there is a Reeces peanut butter cup laying on the floor that I’ve been eyeballing for the past few minutes if that counts.

So I guess its time to continue on to the next random thing that’s been on my mind for a while which is dreams. Where the fucks do they come from! Do they have any meaning? I mean I realize some do like the typical late to the airport or show up to school naked but I mean the weird ass ones. When I’m running around Hong Kong with some strippers trying not to get killed my some drug dealers is that supposed to mean anything? Or when I’m lost in an airport and Nick decides to kill himself does that mean I secretly hate him? I just don’t understand how these weird ass things get inside your head. It’s not like I was thinking about how I wanted Nick to jump off a balcony just as I was falling asleep. I don’t even know how it’s possible to dream! I have a hard enough time remembering what I did yesterday, why you gotta mess with my brain and throw dreams into the mix. The worst is always when you have a dream about your everyday life and you can’t tell later on if what happened was in your dream or in reality. I’ve dreamed about work a couple times and had to stop and think, did I ever race a work van around the beltway or was that my dream? It’s just weird (oh and P.S. I just ate the Reeces) to think about what goes on in your subconscious mind. Sometimes I have such weird and elaborate dreams in a row that I get excited to sleep just to dream.

I’ve really got nothing else on my mind expect how bad my toe and finger hurt so I’m gonna call it a night. Plus I’ve got to get up in 5 hours to work a 10 hour day so I best be getting to bed now. I’m to tired to think of some witty clever ending or title for this post so just deal with it. Peace bitches!!!

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