Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well its been a few weeks since I last wrote so I figured I’d give it another go. Funny I stopped working out about the same time I stopped writing, and low and behold I worked out today too, maybe that’s what motivates me to tell people all the pointless shit in my life. Speaking of pointless shit, winter Olympics anybody? Ya didn’t think so. The winter Olympics have to be the worst sporting events ever, I mean what is the point of competing in “sports” that are only competed in during the Olympics? Ice dancing, speed skating, curling, when was the last time you watched that outside of the Olympics? Summer Olympics at least has events that you see on a semi regular basis, and sports you can play in high school. You would get laughed at if you asked the athletics director where to sign up for the bobsled team. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are all amazing athletes and fierce competitors, I just think the sports themselves are a little dull. I’d like to see one or two people from each country fight in a no rules cage match or something, not some fairy doing ballet on ice. There’s a reason the expression of adding “on ice” to emphasize how much you disliked something.

On a brighter note I finally feel like some of my luch has finally turned around. Work has picked up so I’m no longer trapped around my house. Work has gotten a lot better, in fact they got me a work cell phone, I’m going to Florida for training a week from today, and am going to more training a week from then. So all in all its looking up.

Ok I’ve been on here 30 minutes and only written this much. Obviously I have too much other stuff going on and can’t think so I’m calling it quits. Hopefully I get back into it and write a little more frequently again

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