Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one

I’m writing this from work today and its quite a nice break from the phones and computer software. It gets old talking to stupid people on the phone who think they are the most important person in the world. But my intention is not to bitch and moan about my job, in fact its quite the opposite. I love my job! Sure it has its bad days that make me want to pop my head off but that’s just life so freakin deal with it. We’ve all heard the saying its tough that’s why it’s called work. We’ve also heard people tell you its better to do what you love than something you hate when it comes to jobs. You know what I like? Money! And working is how I get it so I don’t care what I have to do to get it, because I want the money. All too often I hear people complain about how much their job sucks but I don’t hear them complain that they got paid for it
I hate hearing people complain that they don’t have a job, its not that there aren’t any out there, there just aren’t the ones you want. Wither you cant find a job as good as your last one or just don’t like the ones available there’s a solution, its called growing up. Just because you got paid a lot for doing little work before doesn’t mean every job is going to be that way. So instead of settling for a little bit less pay and actually having to put forth a little more effort you sit there and complain how you cant get a job and that’s a load of shit. I had a pretty sweet gig interning at Carfax because it was an awesome place to work, pay was decent, and it wasn’t hard at all, and like all good things it came to an end. When I came back from school and was told I couldn’t get the position back there so I started looking for some other jobs. After a month or two of not finding a job that matched pay and work as Carfax did I realized that it just doesn’t exist, I had just gotten lucky and had to face reality. I lowered my standards and applied for other work and got a job in just a few weeks. What was this job? I was a janitor at my gym, and I’m not ashamed of it. I wanted a job bad enough that I was willing to do it. Sure scrubbing toilets and having people I know watch my wash equipment isn’t something I take pleasure in but I did it anyway.
I eventually got another job which is the one I’m doing now. I love this job but I’ll admit its pretty demanding sometimes. Long hours working outside no matter the condition ccan be pretty physically and mentally challenging and am completely drained at the end of the day, but when I wake up the next morning I’m looking forward to doing it all over again. A lot of people wonder why I enjoy this job because of the amount of hard work involved and the danger that comes with this work. The short answer is because I know I’m expected to work and am willing to work hard. I had a 2000 pound trailer crush my finger causing me to be hospitalized and have surgical repairs and months of therapy to regain movement. You know where I was the next day? Work. You know where I was the day I got out of the hospital with my cast on? Work. Numerous people wonder why I would keep my job after such an accident like that let alone go back the next day. I get asked why I didn’t sue my company and get what I can, and its because I’m not too lazy to take the easy way out. And I can guarantee that any of the guys I work with would have done the same as me. We understand the value of hard work and discipline and don’t expect things to be handed to us,
Now once again a problem with blogs is it portrays the writer in this heavenly glow of light they nothing is wrong and are perfect. I’m not saying I’m perfect and am not better then somebody because I like my job and you don’t. I don’t wake up with a smile on my face anxious for work and ready to go. I’m just at terms with what I have to do and am willing to do it. I’ll admit I’ve quit jobs because they were so shitty I didn’t understand how anybody could possible work there. I had wanted a job for some time while at Snow and started at a call center that hires anybody. That job sucks its completely mundane and I would rather watch paint dry, so I quit after a day, but after than I never complained about not having a job. I got a job when I wanted one, I just didn’t want that bad. The people that did work there just wanted it more than I did, so they sucked it up and went in and did what they needed to do . If a job truly is that terrible just think of it as a means to an end and its just temporary. But if you are just always unhappy and never satisfied with what you do maybe you should try being homeless for a week and see how good you really have it.

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  1. amen! ppl need to stop complaining and realize the value of hard work and be grateful for the job they have. so many ppl now days are un employed so we need to be thankful we are blessed with jobs. we all have to start at the end of the totum pole and work our way up. xoxo