Thursday, January 28, 2010

The President has kept all the promises he intended to keep

So I’m feeling a little guilty that all this week I have been writing while at work when there is probably actual work that I could be getting done. Go figure that as soon I finished that sentence the phone went crazy and had to handle a bunch of calls so now my conscious is cleared. I’ve been working in the office this past week because one of our two secretaries/project managers/every other possible job title that could be used for someone in an office is out of town and I being the only other employee that knows how to do office work is covering for her. I thought my job was hard dealing with all these electronic devices that have 700 different wires coming out of them and making gates do crazy things, but this brings stress to a whole new level. I don’t mind working in here, after all it is what I went to college for but after being used to all the grunt work I guess it actually made me kinda soft. I think what makes it working in here the hardest is the difference in attitudes. Out in the field working with the other guys we crack jokes, make lots of sexual references, insult customers (behind their back obviously), swear like sailors and its overall a pretty fun time. In the office I have to deal with customers directly and be polite, deal with other people in the office and be polite, and work on a computer and be polite. This is hard because I have a hard time being polite when I get irritated, even to a computer; because I think the caveman approach is in order soon. We have this new software that makes this tremendously annoying beep after every function and one of the employees insists that his volume be up to the max when he works on it in case he doesn’t know he actually did something he’ll get a reassuring BELEP after to confirm he did in fact just do something. But I think what gets to me the most in here is all the talk about politics.

One person in particular is a huge follower of politics especially for the Republican Party. The other day he mentioned some shit in the news which led to us having a conversation about it, conversation meaning he told me what happened because I hadn’t the slightest idea what was going on, which led to him finding out that I am democratic. Although I use that term very loosely because I don’t follow politics in the slightest so I guess it’s not really fair to say I’m a democrat but for this stories purpose let’s pretend I am. Well once he found out this little fact about my life he has made it a point whenever he can to bash on the Democratic Party. After three days of this nonsense it has finally started to get to me, and since I have the best luck in the world last night was the State of the Union. Whatever Obama said last night must have just blown a fuse in this guys head because he is just more upset than ever about whatever it was he said last night. So after three days of hearing his propaganda I have had enough, it’s not because what he says is frustrating because he’s insulting my opinion but because I just don’t give a fuck! I still have a hard time with my lefts and my rights, so how am I going to tell apart the leftist from the right ones? I don’t know which party is liberal and with is conservative. I cant tell you what McCain or Obama had on their platform or what that even means. All I know is politicians lie, cheat, and in a lot of cases not happy with their current relationships. At least Barack seems to have a loving relationship with Michelle so he’s ok in my book. As for the rest of the stuff that he does I don’t care. I’m just gonna have to sit back and deal with it just like every other American. So complaining to your coworker that doesn’t even care in t first place isn’t going to help the situation any. I mean when has a politician ever been completely honest, when was the last time any body was completely honest for that matter! I mean can we really expect that much from them?

I’m not sure why I have this thing for timing like how I said I wasn’t doing work and the phone rings because as soon as I started writing about my coworker he left for lunch. Guess it works both ways so I can’t complain. I guess complaining to people who don’t care can actually help sometimes! But once again I have come to the end of my philosophies on life and now have the fun task of looking up a title for this post. Is is bad that I get my title last and not choose my topic and title and then write? Not sure, who cares, maybe my awaiting lunch has the answer, peace!

So I am writing this after originally posted todays blog. As soon as I posted this and got up to get my lunch, said person above walked in, told me a new (political) nickname he made for me and another tid bit of information from last nights SoU. Like I said, great timing

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