Sunday, February 7, 2010

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Good job Saints, I don’t freakin care you won. In fact I didn’t care so much that I didn’t even watch the game. I felt the need to sleep was greater than to watch two teams I don’t care for duke it out on TV. I’m not going to watch the super bowl just because it’s the super bowl. It is fun to have a party and watch the game with friends but I didn’t go to one. So since I wasn’t at a party eating chips and pizza and didn’t like either team enough to watch I took a nap. To be quite honest it was one of the best naps I’ve ever had.

I’m actually still really tired and want to go back to sleep but I’ll finish writing in here first before I call it a night. I didn’t write just to say I don’t like the Saints I do actually plan on saying something a little more profound. Nothing is coming to mind though; I’m so brain dead right now I can’t muster up a few lousy paragraphs about anything.

I’ve got work in the morning and am actually looking forward to going. I’ve been stuck inside for two straight days and I need out! I am also looking forward to work because I like what I do but I really need to get out. I think the best thing about my job is all the room for progress and opportunity to learn new things. Now I never really liked school but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to learn. I started this job with my main purpose to help dig holes, carry heavy objects, and assist technicians however they needed. I knew absolutely nothing about anything in this industry; I didn’t even know what most of the tools they used were. I’ve been working there for eight months and have learned so much. Although I have learned all this great amount of information it hardly even scratches the surface of what there is to now.

I know how to install certain types of operators that we use, I can figure out why things aren’t working sometimes, or to switch something out, but that’s really just the beginning of what there is to know. Our line of work has such variety that I could work on something completely different ever day of the week. It’s just crazy how much technology there is and the things that we can do with it. I’m learning about things I thought were just made up in movies and not actually possible. Even the simple things we do are just incredible. Did you ever think about how you can push a button and your car unlocks? How at 1:30 am you come to a light and it switches for you? These are some of the technologies that we use on a daily basis that most people don’t even think twice about.

Maybe its just me and my curiosity but I don’t like just knowing that things work, I want to know why and how. I guess that’s why I enjoy my job so much because besides doing a service for people and getting paid to fix things but I’m also learning. Every day I learn something new at work wither it’s on the job site or in the office just having somebody explain a relay to me. I love knowing I’m not going to go out at work and be bored with the same old hum drum bullshit that makes everyday life so boring. I look forward to work and go in with an open mind so I can become better at what I do. I like what I do and I want to be the best.

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