Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Television has changed the American child from an irresistable force to an immovable object.

Nothing of any significance happened today so I’m going to waste no time into my subject today of bad parenting. I guess it all started when I watched an ad on YouTube (to watch click here). Also with my outburst on fat kids it’s led me to getting frustrated on bad parenting. There are numerous overweight children on talk shows and tons of new shows about bringing bad kids to strict families, or bringing in strict nannies to bad families. When has it gotten to the point where parents can’t even control their own children?

Some people blame bad television, graphic movies, and violent video games for their children’s improper behavior. Overall that just leads back to the parents for allowing their children access to those programs. I’m no poster boy but I’m no screw up either. I may not be perfect but I’m a well behaved member of society and I can attribute that to the way I was raised. Growing up I remember I was only allowed to watch 30 minutes of TV a day and what I was allowed to watch was strictly limited. I didn’t get my first gaming system until 8th grade and was I by no means allowed to have a violent game. Obviously I had access to those things in a limited amount via a friend’s house, staying home sick, or parents not being home for the evening. But because it was not a regular thing and I knew I wasn’t allowed to do those things those principals stuck with me. I don’t know if I followed those rules because I was a good kid or out of fear of what my mom would do if she found out but either way it worked. That point on fear brings me to my next point though of discipline.

Whatever happened to hitting your kids? I know that wasn’t really my generation, but my parents who were hit at home for misbehaving or in school for mouthing off but why did it stop? My parents did hit me occasionally when it was deserved but I’m ok. I didn’t break or need years of counseling to get over that when I hit my sister my dad hit me. If kids aren’t getting punished for what they do wrong how are they going to learn its wrong? So by the time Timmy is eight and never been punished in his life and doesn’t listen to you when you tell him to go to bed, why should he? He knows you’re not going to do anything about it. On the other hand if he’s raised that if he doesn’t listen he’s going to he hit or grounded he’s sure as hell going to jump when you tell him too because he knows it’s not worth the consequence not to. I just see these shows and I wonder how it got to that point. These parents let their kids walk all over them and are too afraid to do anything about it. If you can’t get your four year old to stop hitting you when you tell him knock it off, hit him back. I don’t mean a black eye and some loose teeth but enough to get the point across. Ya’ll they’ll probably cry but it would be more of shock than from pain. It just sickens me how easy parents give in to the sound of crying. I could keep going on about how much I hate that and the sick feeling it gives me just to think about but I’ve got one more stop on the tirade trade of mine.

I can’t stand obesity, I think it’s disgusting. Not in the way you would imagine though, not the physical appearance of how that person looks but the cause of it. I don’t think anybody can get obese unless they try especially at such a young age (because we’re still talking about kids and parenting). All the little kids I know have an insane amount of energy and a metabolism higher than empire state building. So how is it that those three year olds are weighing the same amount as baby elephants? I’m going to relate this again to my experience growing up since I can’t use any parental experience. Elementary school I would go play with friends every day after school. I would either walk or ride my bike to wherever I was going, from there we would go out and play. We would play football or soccer in the yard, go to the school and play basketball, or just ride bikes through the neighborhood. When we stayed inside we boxed, wrestled, played hide and seek, or some other sort of exercise. Now I just see kids plopped down in front of a TV or video game for hours. I understand that’s easier than actually watching over your own offspring but come on show some responsibility! Also I wasn’t allowed to have any sugar and my mom cooked with only organic food. I realize that is a little over the top but just the basic healthy home cooked meals to replace the fast food because you don’t want to cook. Or switch the apples with the Oreos, its little things that that make the difference. Because when you give Junior junk food for snack, he sits in front of a television for hours until he eats his happy meal, and then goes back for a little bed time movie, yeah your kid is going to become a porker.

I’m going to leave it at that for now but it just bothers me seeing that and wondering what’s wrong with the world? I mean I say this not having any kids and realize it’s easier said than done, but I mean I know I’m going to be busy but I’m not going to substitute my childs health and wellbeing for some extra time in the office or to go out and have a good time. Or just chain some damn weights on chubbys ankles and make him walk his fat ass the 5 blocks to school instead of driving him……


  1. wow jeff! u make it seem so easy to raise a child.

  2. I don't try and make it sounds easy. But you're doing fine you have 3 awesome kids