Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies

Nothing new going on here. Another snow fall and another day stuck inside. I spent most of my day painting my bedroom and shoveling snow. This move into my basement is turning out to be more of a hassle than I imagined. I thought it was going to be a quick switcharo, but instead my mom is insisting all this work be done. I’m beginning to think she wanted to switch just so she could get the room while it was open to make the changes she wanted made. It has been five days since we switched and I’m still stuck in the one room, and found out today when my bedroom is ready she wants to work on this one too! Its annoying but what can I do?

Other than that dumb bull shit things are going pretty well. I say pretty well in a relative term, considering there over two feet of snow outside, my living area smells like paint and my parents are driving me insane. So I guess when I say things are well I really just mean I haven’t had to resort to killing myself or my parents just yet, but if we get any more snow somebody isn’t going to make it.

I’m actually feeling quite guilty because I’ve been slacking on my P90X workouts this past week but between not having any space in my room to work out and being so tired lately I just haven’t been motivated too. Besides I think moving furniture and all the snow shoveling I’ve done this week makes up for it. I have to start it back up soon because I know if I don’t get back on it next week I’m off for good. Its crucial to stay on it too because in the winter I don’t get a whole lot of exercise like I do in the other seasons. Soccer games have been cancelled every week due to snow, basketball games have been called off as well, and work isn’t even as physically demanding in the cold so I really need to be doing this to stay in some sort of shape or else I’ll become some sort of blob and have to start from nothing when soccer starts up again.

I’m putting so much emphasis on soccer because it’s really all I have to look forward too. Soccer has been my passion ever since I can remember and the only thing that’s been consistent throughout my life. There has never been a moment or season I haven’t been playing soccer. I played every spring and fall season from the age of 3-18 sometimes more than one team at a time. When I went off to Snow I played on the club team there. It wasn’t much of a team and only had two games against other schools but it meant playing every day and that’s all I needed. We played indoor soccer during off season and intramurals in spring. Really soccer was my saving grace at Snow and gave me some happiness in some of the roughest times in my life. Since I’ve been back I’ve played on about seven different teams now and is again a saving grace. Going through a tough work week I can rely on having a soccer game to make me feel better, win or lose. Just knowing I have a game that night makes the worst day better. The day I crushed my finger I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I didn’t want to miss my soccer game (unfortunately I was forced into going).

I’m not really sure why I felt the need to go into such detail about that other than I think I just miss it right now in this snowy mess. I haven’t had a game in a few weeks and I’m getting withdrawals, although there are worse things I could be feigning so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m just glad for the chance to push my body physically and to clear my mind mentally a few times a week to keep me sane. I think we all have that something we look forward to that gives us that extra boost to make it through the week, wither its soccer or going out for drinks. So I guess what it really comes down to are the little things in life that keep us happy. Ya sure I’d like a million dollars and be able to goof off every day and not work, buy all sorts of cool gadgets, and party all the time. Reality is I can’t though so I’m going to have to tough it out day by day like everybody else so we need to remember those little things to keep us happy. Don’t be let down all the time because your job is hard, you want a raise, and you’re not driving a BMW. Instead remember to do small things you enjoy to keep your mind off the things that make you miserable. Trust me I’m a doctor

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